Technological development and the migration from analog to digital systems has enabled users to become the decision makers in terms of the information and content they are interested in; restricted programming, commercials (in most cases) and the limited offer of channels are over. Currently, digital platforms offer an a la carte menu with a range of options to satisfy the tastes of all audiences.

Hence the birth of content platforms, which in a nutshell are an integrated ecosystem of various technologies that allow companies to create engaging experiences for all users and for any sector.

It is in Slovenia, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean that Nevron, a high-tech company that develops content platforms for the hospitality, maritime and residential sectors, was born.

For the past 20 years, Nevron has focused on developing technologies and creating content platforms that entertain, engage and inspire the target audience to experience the best moments of well-being.

With its extensive product portfolio and in-house development, Nevron technology is able to easily create and deliver fully customized solutions that fully meet project requirements and fit targeted industry segments, providing a comprehensive turnkey solution for content delivery.

Its mission is to create environments in which content can be received, enriched and connected in the most seamless and authentic way possible to bring more well-being
to our worlds.

Nevron is a global IPTV provider focused on delivering reliable, fast, easy-to-manage and easy-to-use IPTV technologies that are indispensable for enabling compelling entertainment, connectivity and information services accessible on users’ TV screens.

Nevron is not only a technology provider, but can also take on the role of system integrator in projects where customers need help with a complete end-to-end solution. We cover the entire supply chain, from content acquisition to the end points established at the customer’s premises.

Nevron IPTV technologies and products
– Streamron IPTV Gateway – enables the broadcasting of TV and radio channels over an IP network.
– Streamron IPTV VOD – enables access to movies and music on demand.
– Axon IPTV middleware – represents an Android-based interactive TV portal that enables access to a wide variety of entertainment, communication and information applications.
– FaSTBox – Android-based set top box
– STB and WIFI access point in a single device for professional environments such as hotels, hospitals, telecommunication networks and the like.

All these technologies and products are essential to establish a successful IPTV business, manage the most effective IPTV ecosystem and provide world-class interactive TV services.

Nevron is active worldwide through its distribution network of dedicated business partners. With top quality products, highly personalized support, efficient distribution methods, constant availability and the willingness to adapt to partners’ specific needs, Nevron’s presence in the global market is growing rapidly, now reaching the Americas.

Contact us and learn more about what this technology can bring to your business and customers.