Beyond borders, creating business

The constant advances in technology, IT and audiovisual have shortened distances, bringing worlds closer, allowing communication to be more efficient and immediate. Collaborative systems have become a strategic and fundamental priority for corporations in the 21st century. These systems through a bidirectional communication of audio and video allow us to unify the different members of an organization or group of external people no matter where they are.

Videoconferencing systems offer an accessible solution and, above all, optimization of resources to the constant needs of corporate communication, through systems that allow the exchange of visual, graphic and auditory information; And consequently reducing the costs and time involved in the physical transfer of the entities to be interacted. These advantages make these collaboration systems the fastest growing segment in the area of ​​telecommunications.

Lifesize offers videoconferencing technology solutions through a unique integration of phone systems, high-definition plug & play cameras and cloud-based conferencing software, providing an optimal solution for business meetings. Lifesize provides an all-in-one solution for uniting audio, video, chat, standard equipment, S4B, streaming, recording and more.

Recent studies by Lifesize show that 76% of individuals use video collaboration solutions to work remotely, and 75% of them experience increased productivity and an optimal balance between their personal and work lives. Likewise, 98% affirm that video conferencing systems have helped to build and improve the relationship inside and outside the company.

Video conferencing systems offered by Lifesize offer comprehensive solutions that not only simplify the work life of the user, but also lead to a cost optimization and cost reduction at the corporate level.