Music to my ears

An essential element of our daily life, on the personal and professional levels and, of course, the most important in audiovisual and communication solutions, is the sound part.

The fact of having an audio solution that distributes the sound with the highest quality and clarity allows us to have a better interaction with our audience and in many cases to be the most important pillar for optimal communication and understanding between the users. Whether it's a boardroom / council, a theater, auditorium, telephone system, control center or indoor and outdoor environmental audio.

The technological advance, has allowed us that over the years, the quality of audio and the transmission of information improve significantly. Of course, we must take into account that in the planning and design of the audio many important aspects are interlaced so that it can be transmitted in the best way, but without doubt, in many cases, one of the protagonists to achieve it, is the microphone.

The german brand beyerdynamic, pioneer in the development of audio systems with more than 90 years in the market, at the last edition of InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Florida presented its new Dante version of the TG1000 wireless digital system. This microphone produces high quality sound and can now be integrated into any digital sound system due to the Dante interface. It is perfect for many uses, including configuring from a conference room to a concert; So it is that the British group Depeche Mode, used these equipment in their last "Spirit" tour in Stockholm.

When it comes to sound, the TG 1000 system knows how to impress - with outstanding dynamic range and optimum sound transparency. Up to four dual receivers can be connected simultaneously without the need for external antenna dividers. The components of this system bear the quality mark "Made in Germany", they are manufactured with a high level of experience in Heilbronn, Germany using only sturdy materials with high standards.