Presenting with just a click

Have you ever been to a meeting that has become a real mess, a nightmare? Having to deal with cables, connectors, network problems, obstacles to share presentations on the screen, etc. Did you know that it has been proven that technology-related stress in such scenarios causes serious problems throughout the workplace, from reduced productivity to even lost business?

Barco, a Belgian global technology company that designs and develops visualization and collaboration solutions, conducted a study that shows people lose significant amounts of time trying to deal with technology problems. Nine out of ten office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings when technological problems occur.

This same study carried out last year, gives some of the following statistics that show the problems that companies face when they do not have the right solution in the meeting room:

- 66% try to solve problems themselves

- 50% call IT / technical support

- 29% end up giving up technology and go to plan B

- 15% even postpone meetings until technological problems can be solved.

To eliminate these incidents, simplifying processes and times, Barco pioneers in this type of collaboration technologies and its wireless ClickShare presentation system allow the simplest way to share great ideas and watch them grow.

With ClickShare, it is very easy to share on a presentation screen any content from a laptop or mobile device. With a single click, the meetings become a true collaborative experience between different people, where ideas and content are shared. No cables, no configuration, no waiting times to start.

The ClickShare presentation system has proven its efficiency in meeting rooms around the world and has been awarded numerous industry awards. The secret of your success? Its easy-to-configure one-button interface, the absence of cables and excellent collaboration features.