Migrating to an interactive advertising

Facing the constant and quick evolution of technologies, a few years ago, the advertising platform better known as digital signage was created, which has a large number of advantages compared to traditional advertising media.

This technology, which relies on the use of monitors allows the display of digital content for the promotion of products and services, in an attractive, novel and even interactive way with the target audience to which the information is directed.

In addition to presenting digital content in a dynamic way, digital signage allows the generation of a whole network of audiovisual supports, updatable contents controlled remotely and centrally, saving costs.

This technological solution has application in many different sectors, allowing any entity to create its content, updating it whenever necessary through the Internet. It is therefore suitable for organizations focused on the attention to the public, such as in the tourism, hospitality, educational, health sectors among others.

As the digital space becomes more sophisticated, the technology of the displays available for digital signage must also be up to date and continue to innovate.

The visual solution concepts and the excellent network of partners of the US company NEC in its Display Solutions division are reflected in new ways for consumers to increase their performance with outstanding technology and a great investment in security.

On the other hand, Absen, leader in LED solutions, presented last April in Messe Frankfurt a prototype of the A272 screen that with a pixel pitch of 2.54 mm is shown as the substitute of the LCD for applications of digital signage, retail and Business environment.

Roku BrightSign is also the ideal solution for a wide range of Digital Signage applications and interactive kiosks. The ability to display impacting messages using high-quality video, images and audio provides added value and differentiation. BrightSign captures the attention of its customers by displaying information in an eye-catching and effective way. Whether for retail, exhibits in museums and tourist centers or for the corporate world, BrightSign offers ample opportunities in terms of digital signage implementations.

Digital signage solution is ideal for any environment or application, not only for cost saving offering an immediate update to traditional printed methods, but also to generate multiple benefits to your business and target audience.