Adapt or Perish

The hotel industry lives in a continuous battle of differentiation and positioning to ensure that its property is always at the forefront to be the benchmark of its segment.

There are many variables for a hotel to stand out from the rest, but without a doubt, the basis of success are satisfied guests with their stay, the services and the attention so that they have a unique and complete experience.

Providing an experience, compared to a simple stay, involves investing a lot of money and efforts to achieve quality in all aspects: from the image, cleanliness and order of the hotel, to the availability of materials and products of the highest quality and of course to ensure that all services meet high standards.

Here is the importance of audiovisual media, present in all the hotels we visit, although many times we do not realize but its correct presence, can improve the customer experience in a remarkable way.

Users are looking for accommodations that offer amenities and technologies that reflect an experience as close as possible to the one they have when they are in their homes or businesses where they use audiovisuals on a daily basis.

The guest is the main character in this scenario, so it is really important to offer a full audiovisual service, adding value to the experience in the venue. The way to do it is through a good experience fostering interaction with the services offered by the hotel. We are facing customers with an increasingly demanding and "technologically" dependent level.

Starting with the wireless Internet; A resort without wi-fi is a hotel that is automatically out of the market. The wi-fi is the technological solution that allows any guest to connect to the Internet so it is essential to have wi-fi in the hotel, either paid or free. It should be borne in mind that people who stay in hotels in the vast majority reside in other countries around the world, so their connectivity to the wi-fi becomes the main mean to communicate. But it is not only about having wi-fi, but it has to be available in all facilities. In few words, if you want to differentiate yourself, improve the image and reputation, as well as the approval of your guests, having an excellent connection to wi-fi becomes a must have technology.

On the other hand, television in hotels has served for years to provide information to guests; Many of them show content depending on the place of origin, local channels and stations, cultural programs, films, etc. In the hotel sector today, there is a change of concept, television has become an interactive digital platform whose main function is to communicate the guest with the hotel, the environment and with all the products and services available. These platforms are fully customizable to accommodate each guest, and even segment them according to different criteria (country of origin / language, tastes, age, etc.)

Also within the digital interactive platforms, are the digital signage screens, which allow to transfer the vast majority of reception services, freeing the work in the front desk and providing the guest access to hotel services, a taxi, express check-out, tours, shows, restaurants, etc.

Another factor of vital importance are telecommunications. The telephone exchange is the heart of communication between employees and outside the hotel, as well as with guests, so it must function properly and always be available. Whether with an analog IP technology or VoIP, which is much cheaper than traditional telephony and is 100% reliable, robust and secure.

As we observe technology is increasingly important, we can not ignore it or stay out of it if we want to be competitive and be well positioned in the market. The audiovisual integrations are an indispensable solution in the hotels, being an indispensable experience for the guests and a differential value for the hoteliers.