Adapt or perish II

Audiovisual solutions that can be applied in the hotel industry are endless; just take a moment to examine them in detail and these are everywhere in every corner of the room.

In hotels, the guest is looking for a different lodging experience than the daily ones and to a great extent this is achieved through AV systems.

Lets now talk about, what is known as home automation or domotics, which in a nutshell is the set of technologies applied to the intelligent control and automation of a space, allowing efficient management of the use of energy, while providing security, comfort and also an optimal communication between the user and the system.

The domotics sector has evolved considerably in recent years, offering now a much more consolidated offer. Today, home automation provides solutions aimed at all types of hotels; being its use more intuitive and perfectly manageable by any user.

The control network of the home automation system is integrated with the electrical energy network allowing savings, coordinating with the rest of networks with which it is related: telephony, television and of course information technologies.

On the other hand, there are the auditory solutions, the environmental sound systems, composed mainly of amplifiers and loudspeakers distributed in different areas of the hotel, where you can send the same music or different signals depending on the area.

It may be that for some the environmental sound does not have much relevance, but, have been questioned what importance does a quality sound in a hotel or resort?

Take into account all the places where the sound can affect the guests' experience: the lobby, the restaurant, the spa, swimming pools, gym, theater, bars, meeting rooms, lounges, etc. Sound is a service that guests enjoy in almost every space of a hotel; creating even a new dimension of comfort and luxury whether in public areas or in the rooms themselves.

Last but not least, there is lighting, one of the most used tools to create ideal environments, welcoming, functional and above all that reinforce the image of the establishment improving the guest experience during your stay.

The lighting of the hotels is very important, being one of the ways to convey to the client comfort and a pleasant stay. This is key for a place to inspire confidence, so it must be a system well designed and implemented according to the space in question: reception, common areas, rooms, restaurants, etc.

The proper creation of artificially lit environments can influence the mood of the guests and as a consequence the feeling of satisfaction and / or experience they have had during their stay on the property.

Audiovisual technology is constantly evolving, and it is essential for hotels to be up to date with the advances in this field in order to be able to differentiate and stand out within the industry; for this it is imperative that the hotel can offer comprehensive services and audiovisual solutions of high technical level.