Your home under control

The 21st century offers us multiple technologies, to which human beings have been adapting more and more. With all these advances, we are in constant need to seek new ways to help us perform daily tasks, automating systems that make our work easier helping to optimize time. That's when, then, what we know today as home automation emerges.

The word domotic, better known as home automation comes from the union of two words, domus in Latin means house, and tic that comes from the word in Greek automatic, meaning that it works by itself. Home automation is also known as innovation science that is growing at an accelerated level, so that large industries have been increasingly improving their products in order to provide greater comfort to their customers.

"Houses of the future will be smart", this is an idea that we have been digesting for years and years and that, in part, has already become a reality for some. This is achieved through home automation, which involves the integration of technology in the intelligent design of a house thanks to a system of automations that provide an easier, comfortable and safer life.

Everyone wants to control their house from anywhere and automate the most routine activities within it; The real challenge is how to do it in an easy and affordable way.

ZipaTile awarded in the last edition of CES in Las Vegas with the "Innovations Award Honoree", is a home automation controller of the Zipato brand, one of the major players in the home automation market and one of the most dynamic and innovative brands.

The ZipaTile is a complete all-in-one control system. It replaces security systems, thermostats, automation controls, cameras, sirens or intercoms integrating all these functions in a beautiful device. It is installed on any wall. The power is wired via a normal wall socket or, if a more aesthetic assembly is desired, a recessed installation can be made. It allows a wireless connection to the Internet, as well as the connection with peripheral devices if you decide to update the system.


• Security: It has a presence, noise and vibration sensor, a tactile keyboard and a multi-sound alarm siren. It allows monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Automation: You can control via smartphone, create rules online, control scenes and stays and is compatible with Z-Wave, Nest, Philips Hue, Sonos, Bluetooth.

• Intercom: SIP server client, controls the intercom of doors, allows videoconferences and video calls, dual-network IP connectivity, remote control with smartphone.

• Care for the elderly: It has a sensor for movement and noise, automatic supervision of calls, panic button with self-call, voice reminders and video and voice calls.

• Thermostat: Allows radiant floor control, indoor and outdoor temperature measurement and air conditioning control. You can act remotely via smartphone.

• Wall panel: Measures the temperature, lighting level and humidity of the room. It allows the visualization of the weather forecast, notes and news or photos as if it were a frame. Through this device you can use Skype, check email or search the internet. Also with 6 buttons allows the control of scenes.

• IP Camera: It has a 2MP camera, allows H.264 streaming video, has recording of movements and programmed recordings. It allows its remote control via smartphone.

With the collection of information on home automation, we have seen the advantages offered by this system, which is a reality available in the market and a key point to achieve integration, between security and comfort; that is, a home connected to the outside world.