Case study - Club Med Cancun

Our client was in need of renewing their video and lighting system in particular in one of the bars that is inside their facilities so he went to CMAV Consulting.


The client wanted first to have a new video distribution system where he could display different images simultaneously or the same image on all the display devices in the bar. In the same way, I was looking for the possibility of distributing the following video sources to the visualization devices:

a) DJ PC

b) 2 video players broadcasting promotional videos during the day

c) TV signal tuner

d) Images of a local PC.

Within these devices the client requests to maintain two existing TV screens on one side of the bar and a projector. Likewise, we are asked to improve the existing lighting system for the animation activities that take place in the bar during the evenings themes and a new design for the booth DJ with a display screen. All this to improve the atmosphere and atmosphere offering a better experience to the guests.


Once we reviewed the client's requirements, we took on the task of organizing our ideas and developing a customized solution that fully covered their needs through a novel integration of high standards and, above all, easy to operate. Under this guideline, we present the following solutions to the client:

* Video:

We proposed a video distribution system consisting of two LED screens of 12 P2.5mm modules to guarantee the viewing of images in high definition, maintaining a quality of HD images of all contents. One of these screens was placed on the front wall of the DJ Booth, while the second screen was placed behind the bar between the two existing televisions. This proposal that we presented was not only the complete pleasure of our client, but aroused the astonishment of the guests. The screens were supplied by one of our manufacturing partners in China ShenZhen Megagem Tech LED. With the advice and support of Andy Zhao.

In addition to the LED screens, we integrated other equipment such as components of the video distribution system that helped to build the renewed visual experience requested by the client. Equipment such as:

- TV signal tuner of the Contemporary Research brand

- Intelix brand video matrix

- LED Video processor of the VDWall brand

- Switcher video scaler of the brand Extron

- Content players of the brand Brigtsign

- Mini PC of the Seneca Data brand

- Video monitor of the Planar brand

Other equipment used in this solution in terms of distributors, regulators and power protectors were WattBox brand. Distributors of data and internet network for the operation and control of equipment such as data switcher and access point of the brand Araknis Network play an important role in the construction of our solution. As well as the Lowell brand manufacturer of rack cabinets that allowed us to safeguard all the equipment in an adequate way.

* Illumination

We proposed a mixed solution, that is, architectural lighting of the place in its entirety but that can also be used as scenic lighting in the theme nights.

To achieve this we created a system that could be dimmable, with color changes and that could be programmed by scenes depending on the required setting.

On the one hand, we started lighting the bar panels with RGBW + UV LED strips thus giving the possibility to accentuate the place with a wide range of blends and color options; and on the other, the columns of the bar were illuminated with PAR LED RGBW + UV from above to highlight the decorative figures located inside them.

Another of the most novel and worthy points to highlight was the lighting of the bottle racks. They were illuminated with RGB Light to show the variety of beverages available to the guests giving a more striking touch with the changes of color and tones produced by these lamps.

Finally, in the part of the bar where the dance floor is located, we place lighting assigned to the shows that, in the same way, act as a setting for the nights of the place. Beam and Wash mobile heads were placed in this position to give the DJ the chance to liven up with lighting according to their activity.

All lighting is controlled by DMX, provided with the help of the great friends of ADJ Mexico Group. With the advice and collaboration of Iván Navarrete. All the lighting used was of the ADJ and Elation Lighting brands.

This way we comply with the client's requirements. Delivering a customized solution fulfilling their expectations, demonstrating once again CM AV Consultings' capacity of design and audiovisual integration.